The urge for me to create comes from an attempt to understand the media-saturated world I’ve found myself in. Employing a range of both digital and traditional photographic tools and techniques, I explore the purpose of the photograph in contemporary society.

       I believe deeply in the value of recontextualization of the mundane as a way to both comment on, and participate in society. As a result, I often work with found images which I manipulate to provide with new meanings. I also use these strategies as a way to explore the democratic nature of the digital photograph and the connections between media, the internet and ownership.    

"Dear Cha(s)e" CC Menefee, 2007. 5" x 7"

"Dear Cha(s)e" CC Menefee, 2007. 5" x 7"


       Chase England (1995) is an American artist living and working in Bend, Oregon. Born in Hailey, Idaho, Chase spent his childhood in several different cities throughout the pacific Northwest and considers many different places “home”.

       Chase Graduated from the University of Oregon in 2018 earning a BFA in Photography with a minor in arts administration. Currently, he is working as a freelance photographer and graphic designer.